Group Strength

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Limit Zero's group strength class first started back in June 2015. Our strength class is ideal to help build real, functional strength that makes everything in life easier.

It's the perfect class to help teach you new strengthening exercises and allow us to monitor you doing them so we can make sure you are doing everything correctly and building strength the right way.

Strength training has huge benefits that cover all areas of life, and doing it in a group atmosphere can just enhance that experience. With Limit Zero's great range of strength equipment and supportive environment, these classes are a safe way of becoming stronger, leaner and and building longevity. 

These classes can range anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes and are suitable for any level. 

Strength training is for anyone of any age that want's to live a better life. Becoming stronger provides us with more function, more confidence and more self-esteem to get the most out of every day.

Sometimes sore the next day or two, but you'll feel amazing in the long-run!

Get in touch with us to start a 4-week trial with a huge discount of 50%, and have a go at one of Limit Zero's group strength classes.