Teenage Athlete Classes

'Teenage Athlete' Classes

Starting out a structured strength program as a teenager can help build an amazing life. 

You won't only just gain the benefits of becoming stronger, less prone to injuries, better at any sport you choose, but you will also gain discipline, resilience and a big boost to self esteem and self confidence. 

Stunting your growth as a teenager due to weights training is a myth and does not happen. Lifting weights, particularly when prescribed and overlooked by an experienced trainer will only result in amazing benefits that can possibly last a life-time. 

We have 2 group classes a week, both 45-minutes long, which have a maximum of 10 teenagers at any time... 

  • Tuesdays @ 4:15pm
  • Thursdays @ 5:00pm

We take our time to program workouts effectively and handle each person differently to suit their current level of ability. To start out with it's about teaching form, getting the body moving well and and slowly but surely getting stronger. 

Available to anyone 13 - 17 years old.

Strength and conditioning has a huge benefit on a young persons muscle and bone development, coordination, joint health and with Limit Zero's great range of strength equipment and supportive environment, these classes could be one of the best things for your teenager. 

  • $29 per week for access to both classes and gym use*
  • $190 for concession of 10 group workouts (to be used within 6 months)
  • $350 for concession of 20 group workouts (to be used within 6 months) 

*This price is only available for teenagers. 

First session is free, then we offer a 4-week trial at 50% discount. Register your interest below. 

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