Young Runners Club

Young Runners Club

Welcome to Limit Zeros Young Runners Club! 

These strength and conditioning focused sessions are designed for young athletes aged 13+ looking for that edge to their sport performance. 

Its the perfect class to teach and develop strengthening exercises that not only benefit your sport, but your day to day life too. Strength and conditioning in sport has a huge benefit on young athletes muscle and bone development, coordination, joint health and with Limit Zero's great range of strength equipment and supportive environment, these classes are a safe way of becoming stronger towards the demands of sport. 

These classes range from 30 - 45 minutes with group sessions available on a Tuesday after school at 4:15pm. 

Due to the nature of these group sessions, there are only a limited number of spaces available! 

Cost: $10 per week in a block of 10 // $15 per one off session. 

If you have a young athlete interested in building strength that is specific to their sport, Register Here and we will email back to you within 24 hours.