Back mobility


1. Foam rolling on back

Using the blue foam roller on your back, roll up and down, with your hands on the side of your head so there is plenty of pressure on the foam roller, find the sorest / tenderest spots and work on that area more. Spend 1 - 2 minutes on this, slowly rolling up and down your back. 


2. All fours rotation

Sitting on your knees, almost all the way back on your heels, put one arm on the ground, and with the other arm put your hand on your head. You're then going to point your elbow towards your hand on the ground and then rotate it all the way up to the sky as high as you can. You'll want to do both sides for a good 90 seconds each side. 


3. Med ball rotations

You'll need some sort of ball - medicine ball, basketball, netball, anything similar will work. You're going to start by laying on your side on the ground and then bending your top leg so you can put your top knee on the ball. Holding that position, put your arms out in front of you laying them on the ground. Then rotate the top arm all the way to other side of your body aiming to get your shoulder blade on the ground. Make sure at all times your knee has pressure on the ball though. Go for 15 rotations each side at least. 


4. Sit and twist

Sitting on a chair, bench, couch, you're going to keep your feet and legs firmly in one spot and then twist your trunk right around as far as you can, aiming to get both hands on the wall behind you. Keep alternating sides for up to 30 rotations. 


5. Da Vinci's Rolex

Possibly our favourite one - we want your heels, bum and head against the wall. From that point you then want to put where the face of your rolex would be on the wall (the top of your wrist). Keeping all those points of contact then move your arms up as high as you can and towards each other. Don't let any point of contact drop off the wall. Just go as far as you can before coming back, and repeat. You want to spend up to 2 - 3 minutes doing this, although it may be tough so do it in sets if you have to.  


6. Back arches - the cobra!

Laying flat on the ground, face down, you want to push yourself up but keep your hips on the ground. This will arch your lower back, do that as much as you can without hurting yourself. Hold that position for about 5 seconds and then lower back down. Repeat for up to 15 reps. 


7. Lunge and rotate

Very simple, just start standing up, and lunge out nice and long, lowering your back knee to the ground. Once in that position rotate your upper body towards the leg in front of you. Hold that position after twisting as far as you can for about 5 seconds then come back up and repeat with the other leg. Keep alternating for up to 30 reps. 


8. Hanging from height

This one is great for loosening up any compression aches or pains throughout your spine, as well as opening up your shoulder joint. You will need something to hang off, but it's as simple as just hanging there. If you find something at the gym or home for you to hang off, make sure you have a good grip of the bar and do just that. It will be very tough on your grip, but it will only strengthen it. When you're hanging try and relax your shoulders and back, let your hips drop away and think about making yourself grow taller. The longer you can hang the more beneficial this is, but it will be tough on the grip as mentioned. 


9. Peanut popper

A great exercise for your back and shoulders! You will need a tool called a peanut (as you'll see in the video) - it's as simple as two tennis balls taped together. You start by putting the peanut under your lower back and lying on it. From this position you will keep your legs flat on the ground, head flat on the ground and rotate your arms back and forth above your head and then back to your side. Once you have done this 4 - 5 times then move the peanut up and inch or two on the muscles either side of your spine - repeat the arm movement. Keep doing this until the peanut is right between the top of your shoulder blades. It will get tougher the higher you go! 

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