Hip mobility


1. Lunge and rotate

Very simple, just start standing up, and lunge out nice and long, lowering your back knee to the ground. Once in that position rotate your upper body towards the leg in front of you. Hold that position after twisting as far as you can for about 5 seconds then come back up and repeat with the other leg. Keep alternating for up to 30 reps. 


2. Couch stretch

Kneeling on the ground with a couch or bench behind you. Put one foot up on the couch / bench with the same knee right underneath the foot, as far back as the knee will go. Then straighten yourself up as much as possible, this will stretch through the hip, quad. Great way to loosen up tight hips from sitting too long. Aim to hold this position for up to 2 minutes each side.


3. Glute ball

For this one you'll need a hard ball of some sort - baseball, bouncy ball, cricket ball, etc. You're going to go into a glute stretch - sitting on the ground with one leg bent, and then the other leg on top of that, pointing your knee away from you body. Once you're in this position you then want to sit on the ball on the same side that is being stretched. Do up to 90 seconds on both sides. 


4. Foot n mouth

This is a great one to loosen up your glutes / stretch your bum. You are going to start by lying on your side. You leave your bottom leg straight and your top leg you are going to bend and bring towards your head. Make sure the heel of the leg you're moving is still on the ground, you then slide your leg/foot up towards your head as close as you can. Pretty much the idea is to get your foot in your mouth or as close as possible and hold that position for a good 40 - 60 seconds each side. 



7. The pretzel 



8. Adductor stretch



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