Shoulder mobility


1. Da Vinci's Rolex

Possibly our favourite one - we want your heels, bum and head against the wall. From that point you then want to put where the face of your rolex would be on the wall (the top of your wrist). Keeping all those points of contact then move your arms up as high as you can and towards each other. Don't let any point of contact drop off the wall. Just go as far as you can before coming back, and repeat. You want to spend up to 2 - 3 minutes doing this, although it may be tough so do it in sets if you have to.  


2. John's stretch

This one is where you're laying on your side on the ground, you have put your shoulder on the ground right underneath your body, bend that same arm half way up aiming it towards the sky. From this position use your other hand to push the top of the arm that is on the ground towards the ground. Just slow ands steady, you will feel a stretch along the top / side of the arm on the ground. If you can get that hand on the ground that is a fantastic job! Hold a good stretch here for 60 second at least each side. 


3. Shoulder dislocates

A great one for warming up your shoulders before putting them under pressure in some form of weights or exercise. It is also for loosening stiffness in your shoulders. You will need a small stretchy band and/or pole of some sort (a broom stick will suffice). The band is an easier option to start with, once you have this you are going to hold the band down by your hips with your hands about shoulder width and stretch it apart. Then keeping your elbows straight you will rotate the band over your head and right down on the other side of your body to your bum. Once there, repeat the reverse process and bring the band back up over your head and down to your hips. Make sure your elbows are locked all the way and don't bend. If they are bending make it easier by loosening the band, if you are finding it to easy then try a pole (broom stick) - the stiff pole will make it a lot harder. 


4.  Childs pose window wipers

On your knees on the ground, with your arms out in front of you resting on the ground - push your head towards the ground as much as you can. Once in this position you then want to move your hands side to side just slow and steady. Keep repeating this for up to 3 minutes. Those arms/shoulders/neck will feel so much better! 


5. Hanging from height

This one is great for loosening up any compression aches or pains throughout your spine, as well as opening up your shoulder joint. You will need something to hang off, but it's as simple as just hanging there. If you find something at the gym or home for you to hang off, make sure you have a good grip of the bar and do just that. It will be very tough on your grip, but it will only strengthen it. When you're hanging try and relax your shoulders and back, let your hips drop away and think about making yourself grow taller. The longer you can hang the more beneficial this is, but it will be tough on the grip as mentioned. 



7. Lat stretch





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