Bonus PT sessions

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Every week we have sessions that are cancelled on us, whether last minute or otherwise. Although we see this as part of what happens in life, as you can imagine we would prefer to have the session filled. We now see this is a problem that can be turned into a win-win scenario. 

Sign up below and let us know what times / days of the week suit you best for a bonus PT or SHARED PT session. If that time ever comes available through a cancellation you will get a text from us to alert you and then you can choose to take it or not, at half price

The result:

  • You get alerted when there is a spot that we know may work for you.
  • You can purchase it at half price ($40 for PT sessions or $20 for SHARED PT sessions). 
  • We can still fill a gap in our calendar that would otherwise not be filled.
  • Everyone wins. 

Terms & conditions

Sign up below and then wait to hear from us when a spot comes available