Habit based fat loss challenge

15-day habit based fat loss challenge

  • If you truely want to lose body fat but feel like you are always getting stuck with knowing what to do, where to start and how to keep going then this is for you! 

  • Create a new lifestyle that will allow you to lose body fat and keep it off forever all within 15 days. 

Every day for 15 days you will receive an email from me (Blair) that will provide you with information and ask you questions that prompt a reply. I will take on your information and then keep you accountable to the lifestyle options you choose.

To make it easier, most questions will give you answers to pick from, all your information will be private, and if you put into action what we talk about you are very likely to lose body fat through a change in lifestyle. A method that is more likely to last long-term. 

Although you may lose a bit of body fat over the 15-day period, the end goal isn't to lose body fat, but to have a clear cut system set up for you to use year round so you know how to lose body fat and keep it off forever! 

$99 for the 15-day challenge and if you feel like you don't get anything from it, you can let me know at the end and I will offer a full refund. 

The next challenge starts Saturday 1st July 2023

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