LZ Studio

LZ Studio

  • Your own private room within Limit Zero.

  • Guided workouts for you to pick and follow through. 

  • The latest strength training technology.

  • Your own music.

A new method of exercising that is in a class of its own. 

From less than $19 per workout, this room will give you the guidance, the spot and the technology to do everything you can with a personal trainer, all by yourself. 

Book out our private room, which has everything you need to become a better you, for 45-minute periods. Simply register with us below and book in a free workout and tour of the 'LZ Studio'. 

Whether you want to become fitter, stronger, more mobile / flexible, help with fat loss or more, assisted training can help get you there in complete privacy. No one else in the room with you. 

Your first session is free, and the following first 4 weeks at half price. 

Open to bookings right now, just fill in the form below to book in a FREE session including tour.