LZ Support Program

Welcome to Limit Zero's Support Program

Have a personal trainer in your pocket all the time without the cost. 

Limit Zero's support program gives you the benefit of your own personal trainer, who will help you achieve the goals you are after without having to commit to a gym. You can do this from home, your own gym, or anywhere in the world. We just give you the flexibility to have a personal trainer on the side line to help guide you and keep you accountable to what you want to achieve. 

It all starts off with a FREE one on one personal workout / meeting to get to know each other better. 

After that we just cycle through 6-12 week blocks, whereas we provide a personal program for you to do on your own. This will be tailored to the goals you want to achieve, and after your 6-12 week block ends we will catch up with another personal workout / meeting, either in person or online via Zoom. 

We can then continue as you please. Whether it's just a one off boost or something more ongoing, we would love to help anywhere we can. 

If you would like an experienced personal trainer in your pocket while pursing any health related goal, then please register your interest below. 

First session free, then it is $159 per block which includes the program + personal training session. The price remains the same whether 6 or 12 weeks. We will discuss what is best suited for you in the first meeting. 

Register interest here