Coaching membership

This is for those that want to achieve a goal. 

Limit Zero's coaching membership combines 1 personal training session / meeting every month with full gym access and a tailored program that gets updated to suit you each meeting. On top of that we book you in for the gym sessions you can manage each week. We ask for your results from those workouts and keep in contact throughout through month in between meetings. 

'We hold you to the same communication standard as any PT session.

We strongly believe that the best results come from within. When you are the driver behind the work you do. However we will always be there for guidance, for a check up and to make sure you are on track. 

Our coaching membership is for those that have at least some experience with exercise and can follow a program. if that is you and you want to achieve a certain outcome then this is 100% for you. 

No contract needed, with all membership options variable at 2 weeks notice. 

$199 per month. 

Add ons:

  • Access to all group fitness classes for an extra $20 per month ($219 per month). 
  • More PT sessions at $80 each. 

See our cancellation policy here

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