Blair Williamson


Manager and personal trainer at Limit Zero





Graduated from Max International College for Fitness Professionals in 2010

Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness

Comprehensive first aid certified

Diploma in Business

NZ Fitness Awards Finalist for 'Up and Coming PT' of the year in 2011

NZ Fitness Awards Finalist for 'Innovation' of the year in 2012 with our fantastic Grabasesh feature.

Guinness World Record holder of "Most Rubik's Cubes Solved while running a Marathon" - completed at the Christchurch Marathon on 4th June 2017



About Blair:


I started Limit Zero in March of 2010 with the idea of helping people to enjoy exercise so they can then reap the great, ongoing rewards from it. I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally as often as I can.


I like the thought of ultra-endurance adventures and always set myself goals in this category. Since starting Limit Zero I've completed 5 marathons, 2 x 100km walks for charity, a 24-hour circuit non-stop and the 71km of the Queen Charlotte track non-stop on New Zealand's shortest day of the year 2017. I do a lot of these events for charity. 


I used to play rugby in Winter as well as touch rugby and tennis in the Summer, and always have had a desire to push myself and look after my health and fitness for as long as I've known. The more I work in the industry the more I realise how important exercise is in a regular lifestyle to get the very best out of your life. Ideally I would love to help people feel and act young forever. I see ageing more or less as an option, you can let your body slowly die away or look after it and be fit, strong, healthy and energetic forever. 





I want to run a marathon every year in a different country until at least 2021, aiming to get one of them under 3:30 hours or faster. I want to keep growing and building Limit Zero to eventually one day become one of the best small gyms in the world. I love going on holiday and exploring the world and want to keep doing that as much as I can as well - I really want to add to this video idea I've started as much as possible - see here.

Contact us : 0800 546 480