Nory Lansing


Full time personal trainer and massage therapist at Limit Zero





Physiotherapist, Bachelor of Health (University of Applied Science Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2011-2014)

Bachelor of Physical Education (The Hague University of Applied Science, 2008-2012)

Comprehensive first aid certified

Provisional Certified Recognised Exercise Proffesional at REPs NZ

Research assistant and employee for Fit for the Future project and Fitkids Foundation 2015-today

Physiotherapist for Ring Pass Hockey Club, Delft (Women and Men first division), 2016-2017

Full time physiotherapist at Fysioplein, orthopedic centre Delft, The Netherlands, 2015-2017

Physiotherapist and research assistant for children with chronic disabilities, The Institute for Disability Rehabilitation in Physics of Québec, Canada, 2014-2015



About Nory:


If asked to describe myself I would say I am an energetic and sporty person. I am eager to challenge myself and I am not afraid of the unknown. This way I try to motivate my environment, personal training clients, patients and students to live an active and exciting life. During the Paralympic Games 2012 in London I was inspired by the slogan: “Inspire a generation”, and this is exactly the way I would like to see my future.


I did gymnastics and korfbal (a Dutch version of netball) for 12 years, until I started running in 2012, my biggest passion for the last 6 years. I ran a relay run from Paris to Rotterdam for charity (Roparun: 48hours, 520km non-stop with a team of 8 runners) for 3 years in a row and I also ran six marathons.

I love surfing (even in the winter), snowboarding and skiing and rather do this together than on my own.

I like to bike everywhere as long as I don’t need to cycle along a 100km/h road…





I want to continue running and beat my PB at the marathon (3:26:42hrs) half marathon (1:37:39) and at the 5km Hagley Park run (20:16min). And I want to inspire more people to start running or continue running. In my opinion running is not just completing a distance or time, but it is a social, challenging and above all addictive activity that requires overall fitness and flexibility to get the best out of yourself, your friends and your team.

Together with Tim (my partner) I’m aiming to complete all the great walks in NZ within a year. So if you’re keen to join us once, we would be happy to walk together in this wonderful and extremely challenging country!


Contact us : 0800 546 480