Rhys Smith


Personal trainer at Limit Zero





Certificate in iCreate - Yoobee School of design

Diploma in Graphic design - Yoobee School of design

First aid certified

Certificate of Personal Training Level 4 - New Zealand Institute of Sport



About Rhys:


I have always been involved in sport and exercise as soon as I could walk. From Tennis to Football to Rugby and Equestrian I have tried to experience and play as much as I could. I love team sports but also enjoy the challenge of being independent. 


I have ridden and competed horses in Eventing to national level and continue to strive to take it further.


I have always enjoyed social environments and becoming a Personal Trainer allows me to combine what I love with the environment I enjoy, so to me it’s not like working at all!

Helping people reach their goals is a real passion for me and I find it be very rewarding.





To bench press 100kg and squat 150kg 

To compete in Taupo at the national 1* 3 day equestrian event

To be able to rehab my ankle and complete a full marathon by the end of 2019

Contact us : 0800 546 480