The LZ Way


Limit Zero is a place of inspiration, creating a desire to achieve as well as the drive to get there! It’s a place where the impossible turns to achieved. Where your dream becomes your standard.


The name ‘Limit Zero’ backs this up as put simply it tells us – there is nothing out there that can stop you from what you want; there are no limits to your success, and we always look to go above and beyond!


We aim to do this by having a change not only in your lifestyle but also in your attitude towards success. Exercise is not just about huffing, puffing and hurting. It is about proving to the world that you have a dream and you’re on the road to getting there, striving for success. It won’t just help us physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well and Limit Zero will always look to get as much out of exercise as possible, for everyone!


Limit Zero helps their clients by adapting a new lifestyle and bringing a new attitude to exercise. We do a fantastic job in exciting everyone about exercise and promote the numerous benefits attained from doing this. A big focus of ours is on the mental release exercise can provide. To feel and think happier all the time, is one huge advantage from exercising at Limit Zero! 


To start with we look to teach a new discipline while we get results and then further down the track we look to have some fun while working out, so this new lifestyle is easier and more exciting to maintain. Limit Zero always does its best to provide an awesome atmosphere and a great continuous spirit. We back our systems all the way, and always aim to provide the best service possible! 


As trainers, we always look to not only learn from our current members and adapt as we go but also to spend time each year developing our skills to enhance what we already offer. We want to get the best out of everyone who comes in, we want you to be who you want to be, go where you desire and have that drive to push towards your dreams! 


Enjoy the training, enjoy the results!


Join Limit Zero as we endeavour to become one of the best small gyms in the world! 


Contact us : 0800 546 480