Group Classes

Join in on all or any of our 15 weekly small group classes 

All of these group workouts are instructed by one of our experienced trainers with an emphasis on helping you get the best out of each workout you do. With an average of 8-9 people per class, we focus on spending as much time with each person to make sure they know what they're doing, feel comfortable doing it and generally thrive to get the best out of each session. 

We are based in Avonhead, Christchurch and run these workouts every week no matter what. Always open, apart from public holidays.

There is no need to book any of our group classes - please feel free to come along to any class any time. If you are new we would strongly encourage you to show up 5-minutes early so we can take you through a quick induction and make sure you are safe and happy to join. 

As you can see below, a lot of our group classes are currently fitness focused. This will last until Sunday 20th March 2022, after which we will switch to focusing on strength for an 8 week period.

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  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
5.45am Cardio       Cardio
6.30am     Cardio        
8.00am           Circuit Cardio
8.45am           Cardio Circuit
9.30am     Strength       Mobility Magic
10.15am         Circuit    
12.30pm       Cardio      
5.00pm         Cardio    
6.30pm Cardio Strength   Circuit      

Group Fitness Membership Options

50% Discount Trial

Join us for a 4-week 50% discount trial to experience as many classes as you like over that period. 

$25 per week ongoing

$25 per week to access 1 group fitness class per week. Pick either fitness, strength, mobility or circuit and stick with it.

$35 per week ongoing

$35 per week to access all group fitness classes. Exercising with like minded, supportive people.