24-hour Charity Challenge 2022

Welcome to Limit Zero's 12th annual 24-hour challenge for charity


Starting from 5pm on Friday 4th November going through until 5pm on Saturday 5th November 2022.

We are raising funds for 'Starship Hospital'. A charity that delivers family centred care to infants, children, young people and their whānau when needed most.

At Limit Zero we see fundraising as either a way of paying back to the community that has served us or as a way of paying it forward for things that could happen to us in the future. We never know when it might be us that needs the help. 

We're very proud to say that Limit Zero has raised and donated near on $100,000 over the last 12 years to several different charities.

Help us while helping yourself - exercising for charity is the ultimate win, win. This event has something for everyone and we would love for you to join us in some form to raise funds for such an important cause! 

How to join us:

  1. Come on in and do part of the workout with us anytime from 5pm on Friday 4th November through to 5pm on Saturday 5th November 2022. Donate $10 or more and do as much or as little of the workout as you want.
  2. Pick a personal challenge focused around endurance - test yourself how long you can exercise for, or complete a certain distance on a machine / exercise (to a maximum of 24-hours) and get sponsored to do so. 
  3. Pick a challenge as a team of people around endurance - tag in and out over a certain period of time (within 24-hours) to see how far you can go. 
  4. Come on in and support the idea and the people going through their own challenges. 
  5. Be part of the volunteer crew to help run and support the day. 
  6. Do your own challenge from afar on the same day / weekend and get sponsored to raise funds. 


You will be able to donate to Starship Hospital right here soon.


So how do you want to get involved... 

You can pick multiple options...