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LZE LZE Drink Bottle

LZE Drink Bottle

Buy our brand new enviro-friendly drink bottle and get 1 month of FREE smoothies from Limit Zero. 


Our smoothies flavoured 'blueberry' or 'snickers' currently retail at $7.40 incl GST and we're offering you a month of unlimited smoothies after purchasing one of these drink bottles. 


Hopefully you can agree that the use of plastic lids, straws and anything else is damaging the world we live in and consuming in a more environmentally way, whether big or small can make a difference. We are attempting to help you come on board with this change by offering this big incentive with the month of FREE smoothies, plus a discounted rate all year round. The reason behind buying 2 LZE drink bottles is so one can always be kept here with us to be sure you never miss out. 

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These bottles are BPA-free.

They have a screw-off carabiner lid. 

710 mL liquid storage capacity.

  • When purchasing a LZE drink bottle, you can buy either 1 for $39 or 2 for $69. 
  • 1 month of FREE smoothies from Limit Zero are limited to 1 per day maximum and you must have your LZE drink bottle with you to take it. No other drink bottle will be used in consuming these FREE smoothies. 
  • Every smoothie after your first month are only $5.00 incl GST each year round. 
  • To order a smoothie from Limit Zero, text the following:

1. Your name

2. The word 'smoothie' and the flavour either peanut butter, or blueberry.

3. What time / day you want to have it ready for you

4. Text all this to 021 546 480.

  • Pick up is from 297 Avonhead Road, Avonhead, Christchurch.

Contact us : 0800 546 480