Group Classes


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5:45am icon circuit       icon strength     
6:30am     icon cardio         
8:45am             icon circuit
9:30am     icon SS        icon circuit     icon MM 
10:15am           icon circuit     icon cardio  

Limit Zero's

Running class

at 5:30pm every


    icon cardio        
6:30pm    icon circuit             icon strength             icon circuit          


Feel free to click on any of the logos to find out more about each individual group fitness class.


Our classes are small in numbers (with an average of 9-10 per class), and unique in structure. They all run for 45-minutes and usually within that time frame you'll be exercising for anywhere between 25 - 35 mins.

On top of the classes listed in the table we also run a 'KIDS' class once or twice per year too. These will be shown on the timetable above for the weeks that those classes are on.

This all mounts to 13 classes per week, of which you have access to all as a Limit Zero member. 



$0 for your first 2 weeks unlimited group classes.

$0 as part of any Limit Zero membership you currently hold.

$86 per month for access to unlimited group classes.

$15 for one-off entry. 


Contact us : 0800 546 480