Limit Zero's Virtual Concept2 Group


If you have any kind of Concept2 machine at home - join us! 


A rowing machine, a SKIERG, or a BIKEERG all applicable for this class and we will be running these sessions every Thursday at 5:30pm throughout the month of May. 





1. Download the app 'Zoom' onto your smartphone if you don't already have it. 

2. Set up your phone so it has your headset (headphones and microphone) connected, just like you would talk to someone on the phone hands free. If you don't have a microphone you can still do this with just headphones, we just won't be able to hear back from you. 

3. Make sure you're set up with a table or stool next to you to rest your phone on while we workout. 

4. At 5:30pm on Thursdays come to this page on your smartphone and click this link to enter the virtual group workout.

5. The password, if required, to join us is 'lzfun'. 

6. If this doesn't work, as a back up you can use the Meeting ID: 

7. Make sure you have a good internet connection wherever you choose to set up your machine. 



  • At 5:30pm on Thursday get yourself ready on your rower, SKIERG or BIKEERG for a 40-minute routine including warm up and warm down. 
  • Blair will run you through the complete workout while the rest of you are on mute. Although you will be able to come off mute to talk to me or us anytime you like.
  • No matter your ability you can give this a go, because at the end of the day you can choose the intensity you go. 



We will be recording our virtual Concept2 sessions each week and you will be able to access them again right here. 



One workout can change your day, many workouts can change your life!

 There's something oddly special and unique about doing a virtual cardio workout with a group of people putting the same effort into the same routine. You feel connected in the energy that you give to the workout. We're all out there for the same cause. 




LIMIT ZERO is currently closed due to COVID-19

Please follow any updates on our closures via this link 




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