Group Strength


Limit Zero's group strength class first started back in June 2015 when we first expanded away from only circuit classes. Our strength class is ideal to help build real, functional strength that makes everything in life easier. It's perfect to help teach you new strengthening exercises and allow us to monitor you doing them so we can make sure you are doing everything correctly and building strength the right way.


With Limit Zero's great range of strengthening equipment, it's a great, safe way of becoming stronger and building muscle. 


These classes can range anywhere from 29 - 43 minutes, depending how much you love doing weights, and again is applicable for any level. Although if you've never done weights in your life, the 'Senior Strength' class may be a better option. 


Although sometimes sore the next day or two after these classes, they will make you feel a lot better in the long run! 


Contact us to initiate a 2-week trial for $20 and have a go at one of Limit Zero's group strength class. 


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Contact us : 0800 546 480