Mobility Magic


Limit Zero's Mobility Magic class is in simple terms our form of a stretch class. We brought this into our group class structure in June of 2015.


Mobility exercises are what we do to keep our bodies free of pain, stiffness and/or aches. In this class we'll show you through certain movements that mobilise the main joints of the body to help loosen any aches, pains and open up the body - there is plenty to learn from this class!


The more mobile you are, the better and freer you are when you exercise which allows for better and more efficient results when exercising.


Limit Zero's Mobility Magic class will always leave you feeling a lot better and more able. Have a look at some of our videos on how to do mobility at home below, or contact us to initiate a 2-week trial for $20 and have a go at one of Limit Zero's Mobility Magic classes.


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Mobilise my back


Mobilise my shoulders and neck


Mobilise my hips 


Mobilise my ankles


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