Limit Zero's Run Group


Wednesdays at 5:45pm & Sundays at 8:00am


There's something oddly special and unique about running with a group of people putting the same effort into the same routine. You feel connected in the energy that you give to the workout. We're all out there for the same cause. 


  • On Wednesdays we take a group of people, whether you're a beginner or medium level runner, out for a 40-minute routine with the option of joining us via Zoom in the gym or in your own world wherever you may be. 


  • On Sundays we take a group inside the gym on the treadmills, bikes, cross-trainer, rower, etc for a 40-minute routine with the option of joining us via Zoom from anywhere in the world outside running or on your own fitness equipment. 


Any members are welcome to join in on any session, however to reserve a piece of equipment on Sundays it will cost $15 for the session. To join in via Zoom, please make sure you are part of our private Facebook group where you can access all virtual workouts at any time. Please see below for your next Wednesday running session, or alternatively we have kept some recorded virtual running sessions, that we've done in the past, for you to use again anytime you like. Always free to anyone.   



Wednesday 3rd June

  • 3-minutes warming up
  • 2-minutes as fast as you can / 30s rest x 5 sets 
  • 1-minute as fast as you can / 30s rest x 7 sets 
  • 30s as fast as you can / 30s rest x 9sets
  • 3-minutes cooling down and/or stretching 


One run can change your day, many runs can change your life!



Some of our run classes are recorded for you, so you can repeat them or do them for the first time at any preferable time.


Recording Sunday 10th May

Recording Sunday 3rd May

Recording Wednesday 29th April 

Recording Sunday 26th April

Recording Wednesday 15th April

Recording Wednesday 8th April


Whether you're new to running or have run for a long time, we want to help you to progress further and faster. Running is not only proven to lift your mood, but also increase your fitness and can have a decent impact on weight loss too. It's a wonderful exercise! 


Sign up now for a 2-week trial with Limit Zero where you get two PT sessions for just $50 and coming running with us!

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