Senior Strength


This is a brand new group fitness class brought to you by Limit Zero. The goal behind 'Senior Strength' is to help anyone over the age of 50 to build or maintain some muscle mass so they are able to stay strong, fit, healthy and most importantly independent for the rest of their lives. Even though I'm young, I see this as such an important and vital part of life. Staying strong to keep your basic functions like walking, sitting, standing, balancing, etc will stop your body from deteoriating and keep you independent and able for as long as you live. 


Strength training is the process of using some form of resistance, most commonly weights in a way that will help increase strength throughout your body. This will make every day tasks to become easier, help avoid injuries and increase vitality.


I feel as though there is a great need for this form of group class - that focuses on anyone over the age of 50 only, brings them all together to work for the same cause in a great environment.


We're not looking to turn anyone this age into an athlete (unless they want to be one), we just want to help people live their lives to the absolute maximum through a bit of structured exercising and in particular strength training.



As people grow older, their muscle fibres shrink in number and in size and they become less sensitive to messages from the brain. Strength training allows a way to preserve bone density, keep or build muscle fibres, so you stay strong right throughout your life. 


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