100 Day Challenge

Limit Zero's 100 day challenges have been designed in a way to put you under pressure in a way that will not only provide you fantastic results, but will motivate you and keep you dedicated to something more than a physical goal. They aren't easy, but every single one is created by the individual which can make them exciting!



To take part in a 100 day challenge:


  • Sign up as a member
  • Pick your favourite exercise(s)
  • Have two personal training sessions with us for only $20
  • Limit Zero will set you a goal to achieve on your exercise(s).


From then you have to dedicate yourself to doing that exercise every single day for 100 days, and completing the goal Limit Zero sets out for you. For example, a 100 day challenge that has been completed is 20,000 sit ups in 100 days, averaging 200 per day. The best part about this is that you get to choose your own exercise(s).


The most important concept to grasp is that you have to do at least some of your exercise every day, even if it is just 1 rep, it has to be completed without miss, and over the 100 days you just average out the total that Limit Zero sets for you to achieve.


Over 50 people have successfully completed a 100 day challenge under the guidance of Limit Zero! The minimum cost it requires to achieve a 100 day challenge is $139 which includes three personal training sessions and a private gym membership throughout most of that period. Sign up to be a member now and become the next person to finish one! 



Have a look at what people have to say about their 100 day challenges:


Chloe Williamson completed 20,000 sit ups in 100 days





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