12 days of Christmas 2018 at Burnside park - timetable


There is 1 session every day for 12-days straight set at the times below. Each session will build on each other to help you improve efficiently and effectively going into Christmas. 11 of these sessions are set at Burnside Park, meeting at the rugby clubrooms - map of meeting point below as well. The 12th day is set at Limit Zero as part of one big group. 



Session schedule for Burnside Park 12-days of Christmas 2018:



Tuesday 4th December: 5:45 PM


Wednesday 5th December: 6:30 AM


Thursday 6th December: 6:30 AM


Friday 7th December: 6:30 AM


Saturday 8th December: 9:30 AM


Sunday 9th December: 9:30 AM


Monday 10th December: 5:45 PM


Tuesday 11th December: 5:45 PM


Wednesday 12th December: 6:30 AM


Thursday 13th December: 6:30 AM


Friday 14th December: 6:30 AM


Saturday 15th December: 9:30 AM (the big finale based at Limit Zero - allow 2 hours)




T's & C's:


  • You sign up, commit and pay for the full 12-days or full month, depending on which membership you sign up to. If you miss a day, skip a day or cannot make one for some reason we will not supply a refund of any kind.
  • There is one session every day for you to attend. The first 11 days you meet at Burnside Park rugby clubrooms and on the last day you meet at Limit Zero - 297 Avonhead Road. Please be sure you can make the majority of days, if not all of them, before signing up.
  • In the case where you are away for 1-2 days within this time frame, please let us know and we will supply an appropriate workout for you to do whilst away to keep in touch with the group.
  • We have one longer session on Sunday morning (60 minutes) and the last Saturday (120-minutes).
  • To apply for the extra 'FREE' one on one personal training session the week after the 12-days of Christmas and to be the first to hear about the best deals of 2019, you will need to pay in full by the 30th November 2018 and come to / participate in every day or the 12-days without miss. It is still considered 'participating' if you are away for a day or two and do the workout we email you. 
  • This '12-days of Christmas' payment is on top of any membership you currently have. 


IMG 5454

 LZ's 12-days of Christmas challenge 2017 at the end of day 12



IMG 1618


Meeting point at Burnside Park for the first 11-days of the 12-days of Christmas 'PARK' version 2018


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