12 days of Christmas Challenge 2017



Starting on Tuesday 5th December 2017, this specialised group challenge will go back to back for 12 days straight to help you get in great shape before the Summer holidays hit. 


There will be 3 specialised group classes each day. You will only need to be part of one to participate, but it just gives you options on what time you want to / can come in. The workouts progress every session to get the very best out of you! The challenge is open to everyone, come and join us, have fun and get fit at the same time. See membership options below.





Starts Tuesday 5th December 2017, and there is at least one session scheduled every day for 12-days straight ending with a big final session on Saturday 16th December 2017. 

See the timetable




12-day Challenge Membership 

- Access to all specialised group sessions every day for 12-days at $12 per day. 

- Total monthly membership of $144 incl GST



12-day Challenge Premium Membership

- One specialised group session every day for 12-days at $12 per day. 

- Access to the gym as well as all other group classes on top of the 12-days for the complete month of December, priced at $38. 

- Total monthly membership of $182 incl GST




If you've never been to Limit Zero before you can register with us right here on our website and book in a complimentary PT session before you start out on the 12-days of Christmas journey. 



ONE-UP* BONUS: If you complete the 12-days of Christmas challenge this year, when / if you come back in January 2018, we will bump your membership up to the next tier free of charge. For January 2018 only. T's and C's apply - see here.



We are based at 297 Avonhead Road and ready to rock for 12 fantastic days in December 2017! 

For other membership options which would include more personal training sessions on top of the 12-days of Christmas please contact us below. 


Contact us for more information if you have any questions. 


Contact us : 0800 546 480