12-days of Christmas Challenge 2019


Starting on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, this specialised, popular group challenge will go back to back for 12 days straight to help give you a big boost before the Christmas holidays come along. 


We have run this challenge every December since 2014, and it always proves to be a great atmosphere full of rewarding challenges that gets the body thriving for Christmas. 


There will be 1 - 3 specialised group classes each day, 5 days of which will be at Limit Zero, 5 days will be at Burnside park, 1 day will be an adventure around the Port hills and we will have one big finale session on Saturday 14th December 2019 at Limit Zero.


There will be 3 session times for you take part in each weekday, of which you can mix up. During the weekends there will be 1 - 2 times to choose from. You will need to be part of one session each day to participate, but this format just gives you options on what time you want to / can come in. The workouts progress every session to get the very best out of you! The challenge is open to everyone to come and join us in some pre-Christmas fitness, socialising and excitement! 


See the timetable for all sessions right here. 



The total for the complete 12 days comes to $144 incl GST. 


However you can add on any of the following options:


  • Smoothie recovery shot every day for 12 days for $24

  • All other group fitness classes + gym access for December 2019 for $46 
  • Add on one massage throughout December for $46
  • Add one personal training session for $56


Limit Zero is based at 297 Avonhead Road, the Park we're using is Burnside Park (meeting next to the Rugby clubrooms - see map of meeting point.



In completion of this challenge we will offer you a 'one-up' bonus for January 2020 where you get to bump up your membership with us to the next level for free. In other words if you pay for fortnightly PT sessions, we'd give you weekly PT sessions. T's & C's apply.





Contact us : 0800 546 480