Your Specialised Strength Program


Being strong is a vital part of life, putting aesthetics aside, being strong makes living life easier, provides us with more daily energy, compliments fat loss goals and helps us live a quality life forever. 


From Wednesday 17th June 2020 we are running a 6-week strength program to help you improve in just those areas. Whether you are new to strength training or have done it for years, or just coming back into it, we can help you get started and/or improve in just 6 weeks. You'll pick 3 separate strength exercises from 3 different categories and we will personally test you on each one and then provide a personalised program for you to complete over 6 weeks before re-testing. We then have options to reset your goals after 6 weeks and carry on the same exercises or change them to something different for another 6 weeks. 


We will have a group pre-testing session and a post testing session set for you and we will set a personalised program which will require you to complete 2 strength sessions each week, either by yourself, in your personal training sessions or during our group strength classes. It will give you exact guidance of how to improve your strength in the areas you want to / need to.  


  • This comes to a total of $65 for the complete 6 weeks. 
  • An ongoing program for a second period of 6-weeks is $49.
  • Register your interest below or get in contact with us here if you have any questions, either way we will get back to you in to set some goals and targets before we kick off early June. 



Get me STRONG!

Contact us : 0800 546 480