Concept2 & Woodway Marathon Event 2020 

Saturday 7th March 2020


This March we are bringing out the best cardio machines in the world to create an unbeatable morning of endurance, community and celebration in a different way. Grab a team mate or train yourself up and pick from a Concept2 rowing machine, SKIERG, BIKEERG or a Woodway treadmill to do either 21.1km or 42.2km by yourself or as a tag team in a pair.


Pick from:


  • Concept2 BIKEERG
  • Concept2 SKIERG
  • Concept2 ROWER
  • Woodway Treadmill


Build and/or maintain amazing endurance fitness in a unique, fun way. 


  • Individual 21.1km option costs $45 to enter.

  • Tag-team 21.1km option costs $30 per person.
  • Individual 42.2km option costs $60 to enter.
  • Tag-team 42.2km option costs $40 per person. 


With either option we will provide a manageable program for you to use to train yourself up to this distance and complete the half or full marathon successfully on the day. This program would start midway through January 2020. You will be doing it surrounded by others at the same time with support from the LZ trainers all the way. 


We are also going to introduce the marathon distance option for those that would like to take on 42.2km on any of the machines either as an individual or tag-team. Endurance exercise can provide huge health and fitness benefits as well as making you feel amazing at the end, and doing it with a friend as a tag-team just offers that lovely social team-work atmosphere as well. 


If you're interested please fill in the form below, and we will get back in contact with you to answer questions and confirm your spot. 








On Saturday 19th October 2019 Limit Zero hosted the first ever Concept2 & Woodway half marathon event in New Zealand. The best cardio machines in the world put together to bring together a morning of endurance achievement in a different way. We had individuals on rowing machines, SKIERG's, BIKEERG's and the treadmills doing 21.1km non-stop by themselves and we had pairs completing 21.1km as a tag team on the rowers and treadmills too. 


Overall, there we 17 half marathon's achieved and 1 full marathon. 


You can see all the results right here


The best part of the whole event was the atmosphere that was created by the participants, supporters and trainers. People coming to watch and encourage each other, as well as the participants supporting one another was by far the best result. Creating a community a vibe of success throughout the morning. It was amazing, and luckily the weather played it's part too. 


Watch a collage of photos from the event. 



This event will be located at Limit Zero, located at 297 Avonhead Road, Christchurch. 

Contact us : 0800 546 480