Limit Zero Memberships


All our sessions are 45-minutes long and come with detailed and carefully planned workouts to help you get the best out of life!



PT session $85

A personal plan for you, with full attention. 



'SHARED' PT session $45

A personal plan for you, in a small 4 person setting



All group training per week $35

Access all 15 of our group fitness classes each week 



One group session per week $25

Access just one of our group fitness classes each week





Pick one from above and if you choose you can then add on:





Gym membership $49 per month

Access the gym anytime we are open (see below)



Gym membership plus group training access $79 per month

Access the gym and all group fitness classes (only for PT or SHARED PT options)





 Extra stand-alone options:





LZ 'Check up' $145 per 3-months / $165 per 6-months

Book in a health and fitness check up session (either in person or online) with a qualified trainer and get a program sorted for you to use by yourself. 



Gym program add-on for any Limit Zero gym members $45 for 12-week period 

Only applicable to those that pick the gym membership add-on. We can create you a personalised 12-week program. 





Start right now with a free trial session

Followed by a 4-week 50% discount on the plan that you choose.






Although we offer bulk purchases at times we never ask for or offer any contracts so if you need anything changed to your membership or payments in terms of putting it on hold, cancelling or changing membership levels just give us two weeks notice and we can do so. If you need to change the time of a booked session, just let us know and as long as we can re-book it within 7 days there with no cancellation fee. See our full cancellation policy here.




Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 5:45am - 8:45pm

Friday 5:45am - 7:15pm

Saturday / Sunday 8:00am - 12:30pm 


Closed on all statutory holidays.

Any other closures will be given with 4 weeks notice. 




Contact us : 0800 546 480