Limit Zero Podcast Fitness


Listen your way to a fitter & healthier life with our wonderful workout podcasts.


Created right here at Limit Zero by one of our trainers these varied workout podcasts offer ongoing upgraded workouts each week emailed right to your inbox and/or stored on a podcast library that you can access. All of these podcasts are created so you can easily download them, put them onto your phone or listening device and do your workout at Limit Zero, at home (with no need for any equipment) or on the streets.


Have a look at your Podcast Fitness options at Limit Zero:





  • This podcast is designed to help you guide you through different 'gym routines' at Limit Zero. Listen to Blair and/or Nory as we help you feel more comfortable working out by yourself at Limit Zero, knowing what to do, how to do it and how long for. This podcast option is only available for Limit Zero premium members and is included in there premium membership. 
  • Total membership included in your premium membership package. 
  • Test trial one of these podcasts right here





  • This podcast is designed to help you start and build a life of running. Listen to Nory and/or Blair as we help you progress from walking into running and improve your fitness to a whole new level. Have a go at our first ever 'Welcome to Running' podcast right here, and then you can register your interest after if you choose to go further. 
  • Total membership of $19 incl GST per month, or $119 incl GST per year.






  • All podcasts workouts range from 20 - 40 minutes long. 
  • To sign up, register your interest below by clicking the link below and we will supply information on progressing forward plus ongoing payment options.
  • You will get emailed a new, slightly updated podcast each week to your inbox at the same time every week. The email will explain the workout and give you a guideline on how to use it effectively over that week. 
  • There are no contracts - if you want to cancel, hold or upgrade your membership with us you can do so at any time - just provide 2 weeks notice. 





Contact us : 0800 546 480