Limit Zero Group Fitness Classes


The wonderful vibe of a small group fitness class is hard to beat.


Limit Zero's group fitness classes are one of a kind, as we spend a lot of time planning and creating fun, exciting group workouts for all of us. We offer 5 different types of class every week ranging from group circuit classes, group cardio classes, group strength classes, group mobility classes and group running classes. Overall we offer 14 different classes per week and with this membership you have access to all of those ongoing.  


Have a look at your Group Fitness class membership options at Limit Zero:





- Access to all 14 weekly group classes at Limit Zero. 

- Week to week membership with no contracts - cancel or put on hold any time. 

- Total weekly membership of $27 incl GST




- Access to only 1 group class each week at Limit Zero. 

- Month to month membership with no contracts - cancel or put on hold with 2 weeks notice. 

- Total monthly membership of $69 incl GST




- One-off access to any Limit Zero group class. 

- Best suited if you have no plan on coming consistently or live out of town. 

- Total one-off price of $20 incl GST





  • All group class sessions are 45-minutes long. 
  • All group classes each week are shown on our timetable right here. These times never change apart from a public holiday when Limit Zero is closed. 
  • We restrict these group class memberships to a maximum of 40 people. 
  • There are no contracts, each membership is either week to week or month to month and can be changed, put on hold, cancelled or upgraded any time with 2 weeks notice. 
  • Your membership will be billed through direct debit, either every week or month depending on the membership you choose. 



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Limit Zero's opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 5:45am - 8:45pm

Friday 5:45am - 7:15pm

Saturday / Sunday 8:00am - 12:30pm 


Closed on all statutory holidays

Any other closures will be given with 4 weeks notice.  

Contact us : 0800 546 480