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St Clair Half Marathon 2019 


On Saturday 11th May 2019, there is a wonderful half marathon event that goes through the vineyards just out of Blenheim. It is open to anyone of any walking/running ability as it has entry options for runners only, walkers only, or hybrid - running and walking. It is a 21.1km course starting at 9:00am on the Saturday. 


Limit Zero has an all inclusive package which gives you half marathon event entry, accomodation for 2 nights (in Picton), celebratory evening with dinner all included and all of course all your training requirements to get you to your goal on the day. It comes to a total of $265 incl GST.


A trip away to the top of the South Island with friends, celebrating fitness and just having a general good time. It can't get much better, and this trip will be extra special! 





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