The Limit Zero Scholarship 


Our goal at Limit Zero is to help change people's lives for the better through the wonders of exercise. However we realise starting out on a health and fitness journey like this isn't always easy in more ways than one, so we want to offer a 3-month, fully paid for 'exercise scholarship' to 1 person who really wants to start their own journey to a healthier, more energetic and enjoyable life. 


We will commit ourselves to helping you live a better life through the wonders of exercise and nutrition. You will have access to 2 personal training sessions each week with us at Limit Zero, suited to your ability, both 45-minutes long, for 3-months. You will have access to nutritional meetings with a registered dietician, to small group training classes, massage therapy plus so much more to provide an overall picture of wellness. 


We aim to combine a mix of exercise, socialising and positivity to help make a difference to your quality of life. It's an overall change that we want to help create. 


Although we all know being fit and healthy is great, no one realises how good it really feels until we actually get there. It's amazing and we want to make sure you've got the same opportunity to get there. 




  • If this sounds like you, and you haven't been a member of Limit Zero's before - we'd love to hear from you! 
  • If you are a current or past member, please pass this onto anyone you know that would love this opportunity. 
  • This scholarship will begin anytime from the week starting Monday 31st August 2020. 
  • This is just for 1 person. 








Contact us : 0800 546 480