Rent out Limit Zero



Limit Zero is currently CLOSED due to COVID-19 but we are still putting in daily effort into making sure you have access to working out from wherever you may be. Below we have the majority of all exercise equipment at Limit Zero that you can hire off us for the period we are closed due to COVID-19.







Let us write you a program

Whether you currently have equipment at home, are hiring out any of our gym equipment for this period or want a bodyweight workout, we can write a program for you! Each program will have 3 workouts each week, which you can do multiple times and will aim to progress each week. This weekly program would come to a cost of $15 per week which you can add on top of your purchase right here



T's & C's

All charges for hiring equipment are weekly and you will be committing to hiring this equipment for the time of the COVID-19 closure which could be up to 4-weeks or longer. As soon as we are allowed to operate again as a gym, we will gather the equipment back off you and re-start Limit Zero as it always has been. If you are a current member of ours there is no bond required. If you are not a current member there will be a $100 bond required on any equipment hired.


We will be sending out daily updates of what is happening with Limit Zero in terms of COVID-19, make sure you have signed up to that email right here (if you have been a member or are a current member, you will already be on this list). 

Contact us : 0800 546 480