Super Rental T's & C's


  • We will take you through a full consultation to start with over the phone and online as well as discuss what is achievable for you. So in essence you will help us set guidelines on what equipment we deem is most appropriate for you and how your exercise program is structured.


  • We require a bond of $150 which is held for the length of rental to a maximum of 3 years where you then own the equipment. Whether you cancel the rental or you finish 3 years we will repay 100% of your bond. The only reason you wouldn't get a full repayment is if you cancel your membership and there is damage caused to the equipment that causes it to not work at all anymore. 


  • Your monthly membership starts off at $179 incl GST, and every consecutive year this decreases by $10. 

  • Your monthly membership for a second consecutive year = $169 incl GST per month
  • Your monthly membership for a third consecutive year = $159 incl GST per month
  • Your membership is then FREE of charge for another 3 years, and you own the equipment. 


  • All payments will be paid by either direct debit or credit card, as a continuing monthly payment for up to 3 years maximum. You can cancel this at any time with 2-weeks notice as we will need to make time to come pick up the equipment. Once you have continued with our membership for exactly 3 years then we will stop all payments, make you aware that you then 100% own the equipment and we will carry on the service for the next 3 years FREE of charge. If you stop your membership anywhere short of the 3 year mark then the equipment will solely be owned by Limit Zero Ltd and be picked up as termination of the membership. 





  • We will rent you either a Concept2 rowing machine or SKIERG alongside any other accessories determined by Limit Zero if required. 
  • You will receive 1 personal training session every month during the first year.

  • You will then receive 1 personal training session every 2 months during the second year. 

  • You will then receive 1 personal training session every 3 months during the next two years following.

  • You will then receive 1 personal training session every 6 months for the final two years. 
  • We will update your program, always personalised to you every time we take a personal training session, if needed and/or requested. 

  • All personal training sessions are 30-minutes long, which include time for maintaining the equipment on your behalf. All of these sessions are at your home.

  • We can add more personal training sessions in if wanted / needed at one-off rates of $85 incl GST per session, which would be exactly the same - 30 minutes at your home. 
  • No contracts, stop anytime you like and we'll pick up the equipment from your place. 
  • Share your results with us anytime you like on Snapchat 'limitzero', Facebook Messenger 'Limit Zero', Instagram @limitzerorules or on our website at the 'Online PT' link.
  • If the equipment is being used at home by you as well as others than there is no extra cost. Share it around with as many others as you want, although we have a restriction of 4 people at any of our 30-minute personal training sessions. Anymore than 4 people and we'd have to organise either longer PT sessions or more PT sessions, both of which would incur an extra cost as above. 





  • If you follow the plan we set out for you we 100% guarantee you will have a lifetime of strength & fitness, a change of mindset and a healthier outlook that is just priceless. If you participate in 1 personal training session every month at your home for 6 consecutive months and don't feel like anything has changed at all after following our program then we will happily give you 100% of your membership back to you. Please note you must complete the full 6-months to be applicable for the guarantee and full refund





  • If you move house during this period we will happily move the equipment for you within city limits. If you move home outside of Christchurch city then you can either choose to terminate the membership, pass it onto the new homeowners or finish the payments if you haven't already and take the equipment with you. Although you will have to forgo any future personal training sessions if you do not live within the city limits of Christchurch.


  • We currently only run this service in Christchurch, New Zealand, so you must be within the city limits of Christchurch to apply for LZ Super Rental.  


  • During this 3 year period you are allowed to put your membership on hold once, for a maximum of one month, only if needed and for a good reason. You will still need to carry out 3 years of payments either way to complete the period and gain a six years of fitness. If your membership is cancelled or put on hold for longer than 1-month at any time, then we will organise to have the equipment picked up and if you ever wanted to re-start after this then we would start the memberships again from scratch. 


  • To gain discounts in your membership rates each year and to eventually become the owner of the equipment then you need to be a member every month for 3 years consecutively. We deem the most important part of any exercise regime is consistency and longevity to really get the best out of yourself and life in general. 


  • If you happen to get an injury that puts you out of exercising on your piece of equipment for 6 weeks or longer, but you want to complete the 3-years then we will need a doctors certificate and once approved we will happily put your membership on hold until further notice. During this period we will have to collect the equipment from your home but you will be able to re-start your membership from where you left off once you recover. 


  • If we pick up the machine after you cancelled your membership and it does not work at all you will be liable to pay all repair costs minus your bond, which would be an absolute maximum of $2500 incl GST. Luckily these machines we rent are strong, stable, low-maintenance and we will offer a maintenance schedule for you to follow to keep it in tip top condition. 


  • If a payment is missed then the above 'putting your membership on hold' rules will apply. As in we will allow 1 missed payment, but it will have to be caught up at some point and 3-years of payments will still need to be made in order to complete the period and gain six years of fitness as well as own the equipment. If more than one payment is missed consecutively we will assume the membership has been cancelled and go through in picking up the equipment to terminate the membership. 


  • Other than all that, we are genuinely very passionate about helping you get strong, fit and healthy and most importantly staying that way and having a lifetime of fitness. Please feel free to contact us at the link below to ask any more questions or to enquire about starting out. 


 Contact us here, right now to get started.

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