Super Rental


A lifetime of fitness. Starts right here.


  • *Guaranteed to get you fitter, stronger and healthier with a service that can provide fitness for a lifetime!
  • Offering you the best in fitness equipment rental combined with personal training and programming all to a very high standard.  
  • Continue on a membership for 3 years and get the following 3 years for FREE


Being fitter, stronger and healthier has countless benefits and makes life so much easier and better. 'Limit Zero's Super Rental' is a service that guarantees you will end up this way as long as you follow the program we give to you, which will be 100% personalised to you. 





  1. Pay a bond for the equipment as well as the first months membership and we'll deliver everything you need to your house. 
  2. We'll set it all up for you, run you through how the equipment works and take you through a 30-minute personal training session right then and there.
  3. During this time we'll write up a program that we'll leave with you so you know how to use the equipment efficiently and effectively. 
  4. Before we leave we'll book in another 30-minute personal training session for a months time, which will also be at your place. 
  5. We'll provide many contact options so you can share results with us as you progress. 
  6. We continue that pattern ongoing for as long as you want up to 6 years for a lifetime of fitness.





  • We'll deliver the best in exercise equipment - either a Concept2 rowing machine or SKIERG, or an assault bike to your home / work.
  • We'll take you through personal training sessions at your place with your new equipment once every month for the first year, plus more after.
  • We will make sure you have a training program that is efficient and works for you, all up to date after every personal training session. 
  • No contracts, just pay month to month, but continue for 3 consecutive years and you will then own all the equipment - no more payments are then necessary, and you will still get the service for another 3 years FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Share your results with us instantly at any time through text message, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, or even on our website.
  • See T's & C's for all details, read here.





  • Monthly membership of $179 incl GST 
  • This includes everything mentioned under "The Service".
  • The monthly membership decreases by $10 each year until the start of the fourth year where it costs nothing at all and you own all the equipment that was initially provided. See all pricing under T's & C's
  • No contracts.


But wait, there's more... This membership costs the exact same for the complete household. If you live with your partner, family or friends, you can split the exact same bill between all of you. 




Contact us : 0800 546 480