Two PT sessions for $50


Personal training at its best at a convenient Christchurch location


Our private gym is based in Avonhead, close to the University of Canterbury and surrounding suburbs such as Riccarton, Fendalton and Burnside.


Limit Zero is known for creating great relationships with our clients to help them grow into a balanced life of health and fitness that has a fantastic positive long-term benefit.


Right here we want to offer you the chance to learn what is best in terms of exercise for your long-term health, fitness and function. We're doing that by providing you with a 'no obligation' 2-week educational trial to find out more about the wonders of exercise and how they can benefit you throughout the rest of your life. 


We believe that almost anyone can benefit from regular exercise and we want to help not only introduce people into structured exercise but educate you on what's best, and what's effective for you long-term so you can get more out of life! 


For just $50 you get full access to everything we offer at Limit Zero over a 2-week period:


  • 2 personal training sessions, both 45-minutes long, one with a consultation.
  • Access to all 14 of our weekly group fitness classes, for 2 weeks.
  • Pick a small group PT class and you have access to 2 of those sessions over the 2-weeks. 
  • You have the option of having a 45-minute massage with Nory for only an extra $50. 
  • If you want we can send you a Limit Zero special podcast workout to trial at home or at Limit Zero in the gym. 
  • Access to the gym anytime we are open. 
  • Find out more about the types of group fitness classes we offer at Limit Zero





This is one of the most valuable offers in New Zealand, all of the above for just $50. We want to re-iterate that there is no obligation to sign up or go any further with Limit Zero, all we ask is that you come with a keen mind on improving yourself in some way, and whether you stay with Limit Zero or not is up to you.

We normally kick this promotion off with the first of your two PT sessions, which you can easily book in right now, just register at the link above or below and you will be prompted to book in your first personal training session with our online 'Grabasesh' calendar, all complimentary. We will then sort the $50 payment when you come in the first time either in cash or by EFTPOS.

We will see your booking come through our system and if there is enough notice we will set you up to get a text reminder the evening beforehand. After that, we will meet at Limit Zero and run you through your first introductory session, where we will listen to your goals, and help educate you through what we suggest you should be doing so you too can see and feel the real wonders that exist within regular exercise.


Come along, learn and start the journey of improving yourself to get more out of life. It all starts right here.


Two weeks could change your life...




Contact us : 0800 546 480