Winter PT Promotion


Every Winter Limit Zero brings out the best in what we do at the most valuable price we can, and this year is no different, in fact it's probably even better. Come join us for 5 personal training sessions, one on one all 45-minutes long and find out how wonderful you feel after each one. Exercise is a beautiful thing, that does wonders for the body and with other like minded people around to support you, it only makes it that much better. This is a one-time offer for 2019. 




Buy 5 personal training sessions for a total of $110

Plus you get 5 entries to any of Limit Zero's group classes



For anyone new to Limit Zero, after purchasing the 5 PT package above, please make sure you register online right here with us where you can book in your first PT session all automatically.


For all regular customers when you purchase a package you will have 5 PT credits automatically added to your Grabasesh account within 24 hours.




  • All personal training sessions are 45-minutes long with either Nory, Rhys, Robbie or Blair from Limit Zero. 
  • All of these personal training sessions and group class entries expire at midnight on Sunday 8th September 2019, so this package must be used before then. 
  • Limit of 1 package per person and we have a maximum of 50 packages available for sale. 
  • Bookings to be made online through Limit Zero's Grabasesh website and are subject to availability. Please note we do have some trainers away over this period which may make bookings slightly tougher at times. 
  • Available to current clients - these PT sessions will just be added on top of your current membership. 




It's more than just 5 personal training sessions...


After or even during your 5 personal training sessions with us we offer a year round package of 5 'small group PT sessions' for $110, which you can consistently purchase ongoing. Small group personal training is when we put together a maximum of 6 people into one group that share common goals, and interests to make it more fun, rewarding and beneficial in all manners. You can find out more about what small group PT sessions we offer and what they involve right here




Buy 5 small group PT sessions for a total of $110

This also gives you access to use our gym anytime we are open during your 5 sessions.




Train to run - Limit Zero is holding a 'fun-run' on Saturday 7th September 2019 starting at 9:30am. We have two different blocks set up of either 2km or 3km and you can loop around these blocks as many times as you like to either have fun or challenge yourself, or both, for up to 2 hours. All Limit Zero's personal trainers will be there on the day to support, run with you and just generally encourage you to see how wonderful and 'fun' running and exercising, particularly in a great group of people can be.


Running is one of the best, if not the best exercises for fitness, weight loss and almost more importantly to calm the mind and get rid of stress! It's all part of this wonderful Winter promotion! 



Feel free to contact us here to find out more, ask any questions or just to get to know us before going any further. 

Contact us : 0800 546 480