Limit Zero Gym Podcasts


Workouts made and set up for Limit Zero only. 


Have a look at the trial podcast workout you can download, put onto your listening device and use anytime as much as you like in the way you like. Leave the workout to us while you have full control of the speed, timing and how long you go for. 


We see these podcasts as a great way to help you get started at Limit Zero, aware of what to do and how to do those things in order for you to help progress yourself in using the gym in your own time. 




Limit Zero Gym Podcast #1

  • A mix of strength work and cardio targeting the whole body to get the best of everything. A slightly slower routine to help you understand how to use certain equipment at Limit Zero and what weights to use. Roughly 37-minutes long. 
  • Created by Blair Williamson on the 15th January 2019.




How to download a podcast:

  • Using your phone, click on the link above to open it up, tap the share button at the bottom of your screen, scroll across and 'add to home screen' - this will make it appear as you have another app on your phone. Call it LZ Gym #1+. Then use it as much as you like. 
  • Using a Mac, right click on the link above and go 'download linked file - then transfer file onto an mp3 player. 
  • Using a PC, right click on the link above and go 'save target as' - then transfer file onto an mp3 player.



"One workout can change your day, many workouts can change your life."


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