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Created right here at Limit Zero, these running podcasts are designed to help you start your health and fitness journey through the wonders of running. Starting at a beginners level with options of pausing, fast-forwarding and replaying they provide you with a great balance of guidance as well as freedom to learn and become a better runner. 


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Welcome to running #1 

  • This running podcast is perfect for beginners learning to run or starting out on their running journey. It can easily be used anywhere in the world on a treadmill or out on the road. Listen your way to improved health and fitness through the wonders of running. 
  • Created by Nory Lansing & Blair Williamson on 4th September 2018




How to download a podcast:

  • Using your phone, click on the link above to open it up, tap the share button at the bottom of your screen, scroll across and 'add to home screen' - this will make it appear as you have another app on your phone. Call it LZ Gym #1+. Then use it as much as you like. 
  • Using a Mac, right click on the link above and go 'download linked file - then transfer file onto an mp3 player. 
  • Using a PC, right click on the link above and go 'save target as' - then transfer file onto an mp3 player.



"One run can change your day, many runs can change your life."


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