Isaac Morgan


Full time personal trainer at Limit Zero





Certificate 3 in fitness TAFE Queensland

Certificate 4 in fitness TAFE Queensland 

Comprehensive First Aid certified

Progressive Calisthenics Certified



About Isaac:


I became a Personal Trainer so I can share my passion with others and help them see amazing results, no matter where they start. I have always been interested in calisthenics and bodyweight training as I love the concept of being able to effortlessly move my body through space and I enjoy setting myself goals in this category. I have trained in many sports growing up, and have an obsession with becoming good at as many sports as possible. Because of this I have a good base of knowledge in many areas of sport and exercise and I am always happy to share what I know.





I want to be taught or teach myself as many different sports and disciplines as possible, from Gymnastics to Powerlifting and will always set myself harder and harder goals just to see where I can go with them.


Contact us : 0800 546 480