Shared PT sessions

A personal plan for you in a great social atmosphere

The most efficient option we have available, where you still get the benefit of one of our trainers to create and help you through a personal plan for you, but you share your session with up to 3 others (4 people maximum). This type of session does require a bit more self-reliance.

From 1 shared personal training session per fortnight to 3 shared personal training sessions each week - you choose what suits you best. No contract needed, with everything variable at 2 weeks notice. 

Our shared personal training sessions are all 45-minutes long, with time spent prior to carefully plan the best workout for you, and time spent afterwards to record all your results and send them through. We take time, every single session to give you the best experience possible, and to encourage long-term exercise. 

With the inclusion of a social benefit, working out alongside like minded people, these 'shared PT sessions' are hard to beat for value. 

As extra you can then choose to add on our gym membership option for only $49 per month, or our gym membership plus group fitness class option for only $79 per month. 

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