24-hour Charity Challenge 2021

Welcome to Limit Zero's 11th annual 24-hour challenge for charity


Starting from 5pm on Friday 5th November going through until 5pm on Saturday 6th November 2021

We are raising funds for 'I Am Hope'. A charity that aims to promote positive, attitudinal societal change around mental health throughout New Zealand. 

Friday 5th November is Gumboot Friday which is one of their main fundraising days throughout the calendar year. A day set up to replicate what may be similar to having depression - like walking through mud all day. 

Each year in New Zealand, between 120 and 180 young people die by suicide and it is estimated another 3500 attempt to take their own lives. This is worth every bit of a funding and effort we can put towards improving these numbers! 

This event has something for everyone and we would love for you to join us in some form to raise funds for such an important cause! 

How to join us:

  1. Come on in and do part of the workout with us anytime from 5pm on Friday 5th November through to 5pm on Saturday 6th November 2021. Donate $10 and do as much or as little of the workout as you want.
  2. Pick a personal challenge focused around endurance - test yourself how long you can exercise for, or complete a certain distance on a machine / exercise (to a maximum of 24-hours) and get sponsored to do so. 
  3. Come on in and support the idea and the people going through their own challenges. 
  4. Be part of the volunteer crew to help run and support the day. 
  5. Do your own challenge from afar on the same day / weekend and get sponsored to raise funds. 


You can donate to 'I Am Hope' and 'Gumboot Friday' right here.
You can also sponsor one of our challengers too. 


These are the personal challenges that people are taking on from 8:00am on Friday 5th November...

  • Blair Williamson plans to break the Guinness World Record of 'Most burpees in 24-hours' aiming to do over 10,000 - starting at 8:00am on Friday 5th November.
  • Hamish McKenzie plans to complete the 24-hours of the workout provided non-stop - starting at 5:00pm on Friday 5th November.
  • Mark Kenworthy is aiming complete 50km of walking / running within the 24-hour period - starting from 4:00pm on Friday 5th November.
  • Eileen Karati is going to SKIERG a full marathon (42.2km) non-stop - starting from 4:30pm on Friday 5th November. 
  • David Shipton plans on riding the assault bike 100km non-stop throughout the 24-hour period. 
  • Kym Drake will climb the equivalent distance of Mt Olympus (over 9,000 feet) on the Versa-Climber - starting from 7:30pm on Friday 5th November.
  • David Yardley is aiming to row 100km non-stop on Saturday 6th November. 


So how do you want to get involved... 

You can pick multiple options...