Woodway & Concept2 Marathon Event

Join in on Limit Zero's third annual Concept2 & Woodway Marathon event.

Starting from 6:00am on Saturday 18th September 2021.

Go for it by yourself or join in on a team of 2 and tag-team your way through a 10km, half marathon or full marathon on any of our Concept2 bikes, rowers, SKIERGs, or on the wonderful Woodway treadmills. 

We currently have 8 fitness focused group classes each week which are building to this event. See our group fitness class timetable here.

Free entry for all Limit Zero members however there is a $15 surcharge for any treadmill event. 

Non-members pricing: 

$20 entry for a 10km event

$30 entry for a 21.1km event

$40 entry for a 42.2km event

If you are interested please sign up below.