LZ Exercise Scholarship

We want to help change your life for the better through the wonders of exercise.

We know that starting out on a health and fitness journey isn't easy, so we want to offer a 3-month fully paid for 'exercise and wellness scholarship' to 1 person who really wants to start their own journey to a healthier, more energetic and positive lifestyle. 

We will commit ourselves to helping you live a better life through the wonders of exercise and lifestyle change.

This scholarship wil provide:

  • 2 personal training sessions each week.
  • Access to use our private gym anytime we are open.
  • Access to all of our small group fitness classes.
  • A massage voucher. 
  • Use of our 'forever program' to help any changes last forever.
  • Plus more to provide an overall picture of wellness. 

If you are interested in this please apply with your details below. It starts in Spring 2022 and we only offer this once every 2 years. 

LZ Scholarship Application