Team LZ


Team Limit Zero is a team of 4 young men who are on a mission to raise over $100,000 for different charities over a 10 year period by doing one extreme event every year throughout that period.


The team is made up of Nick Pope, Chris Simcock, Sean Bagnall and Blair Williamson who have stuck at it for 3 years so far. We want to create an impact by showing that a team of people from any background can make a big difference one small step at a time (literally). 



Our challenge for 2018

To walk/run the 42.2km of the Volkswagen Wellington Marathon on the 1st July 2018 with all four of us tied together at the ankles, as a 5-legged race. We're supporting Save the Children charity and hoping to raise $11,000+ and we'd love your support! Follow us on Facebook or right here as we progress in training and on the day at the event. 








We started back in 2015 and now currently in our 4th year. This is how we're progressing so far...



March 2015

We took on the Oxfam 100km trail walker in Taupo and finished this in 22 hours and 59 minutes by walking non-stop the whole way. We ended up raising $5,610.59 for Oxfam. It was gruelling, and more of a challenge than we ever thought possible. From 20km into this event ever since we've had the team mantra - "one team, one dream". 



April 2016 

For some reason we foolishly went back for round two and took on the Oxfam 100km trailer walker in Whakatane. With a mission to beat our time from last year, we came in fitter and more prepared but the weather played against us big time. Having had to walk at least 80km, not just in the rain but crazy pouring rain it was one that we battled with mentally and physically more than ever. Overall the result was more than successful, still finishing in just under 24 hours, we ended up raising $11,796.01 for Oxfam which is what we were really after!



June 2017 

We'd had enough of walking 100km at this point, so for 2017 the mission was to run/walk the 71km of the Queen Charlotte track in the Marlborough Sounds on the shortest day of the year (21st June 2017). We were fortunate enough to have the opposite of last years weather, with a beautiful calm day. The time frame we had to stay within daylight hours of NZ's shortest day was 10 hours and 30 minutes. After giving it everything we had we ended up finishing in 11 hours and 7 minutes, after climbing up and down all sorts of terrains. Best part of it all we raised $11,713.86 for Save the Children NZ. A different charity this year, doing wonders overseas for children, and the best part of this charity as that at the time the NZ Government was matching each $1 donated with 90c of their own. 



Total we've raised so far after 3 years of doing something a bit crazy is $29,121.31

Contact us : 0800 546 480