Bonus PT sessions - terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions 

  • There are no guarantee's that sessions will become available, but if they do you'll be the first to know. 
  • If we do have a session time that comes available through cancellation that suits your time / day allocation, we will simply send you a text. It will only be secured if you reply with an affirmative answer.
  • If you send an affirmative answer, you may not get any other confirmation text from us, but please know we will expect you at that time no matter what. 
  • By replying with an affirmative answer you will also be agreeing to a half price session charge on your account ($40 for any PT sessions or $20 for any SHARED PT sessions).
  • This payment will be due on the Monday following any session and will be paid via your direct debit account or via direct credit if you have our bank details. 
  • If you ever want to add more time / day options to this list, please fill out this same form again.
  • If you ever want to come off this text list then please reply and let us know to any future messages.