Strong at Home with LZ

'Strong at Home' by Limit Zero

Bringing you virtual strength focused classes every single week. 

Having basic levels of strength is such a vital part of our well-being. It's not about having bigger muscles, it's much more about looking after yourself in a way that can help you avoid aches, pains, injuries or at least recover a lot quicker from them.

It's also about being able to move around in general life with a bit more ease and having more energy.

Strength training on a regular basis is the foundation you need to be able to build an all-round active and healthy life.

... and we are happy to bring you the option of doing all this at home with our weekly virtual strength classes. 

All run via Zoom, you will need to book into the virtual classes that you want to take part in and we will run you through simple and effective strength routines you can do from home. Each session lasting no longer than 25-minutes. Doing this 1-3x per week can have amazing implications on your general well-being. 

All strength workouts cater to a variety of levels, and we will only ask you to complete what parts of the workout you feel like you can.

Although not necessary we do encourage you to have a pair of dumbbells to get the best out of these workouts. We can lease dumbbells to you or we can offer recommendations of purchasing your own.  

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From then it is either:

  • $10 per session (1 per week)
  • $15 for the whole week (4 sessions)
  • Dumbbell hire is $5 per week add-on. 
  • Cancel or hold anytime. 

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