Let's lose some weight

A wonderful complimentary benefit to long-term structured exercise. 

We won't lie, losing weight is not our main focus here at Limit Zero. We see it as a wonderful, complimentary benefit to enjoying a more active lifestyle that you can sustain.

Therefore our focus is on creating the right plan for you so you can sustain what you're getting yourself in for and secondly on enjoying your experience here so you look forward to your next workout rather than dreading the fact that you 'have to do it'. 

If we can get those 2 things right then you will lose weight, you will get fitter, you will get stronger, and most importantly you will be able to sustain it long-term which is where real success with an exercise regime lies. 


Enjoy a brand new, enjoyable lifestlye that has a bonus of weight loss.

People are also more likely to lose weight when supported by their peers and in the right environment to do so. Joining a community, just like the one we pride ourselves on at Limit Zero is a great way to help that too. 

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